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REPATRIATIONS - return to homeland
Sometimes, it is the wish of the family, for their loved one to be returned to their country of birth to be buried.
We are able to repatriate world-wide, attending to all necessary legal requirements. We can also arrange for the funeral service in the country of destination through close contact with Funeral Directors overseas on your behalf.
  • Funeral Director's Declaration
  • Free from infection certificate
  • Full embalming certificate
  • Coroner's Out of England Order
  • Certified Copy of an Entry (death certificate)
  • Consignee details (funeral director overseas)
  • Photo identification (passport)

Moonstone (suitable for repatriation overseas)
Willow Creek (suitable for repatriation overseas) 
White Coral (suitable for repatriation overseas)Moonstone
(Available on our Repatriation package £3200)

Willow Creek
(Available on our Repatriation package £3200)

White Coral
(Available on our Repatriation package £3200)

We have many other caskets for you to choose from, along with a range of coffins which we can zinc line.
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