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There is nothing new in funeral planning. People have been planning funerals for centuries. For instance, the Egyptians prepared for their death well in advance by building extremely large burial chambers. The pyramids were constructed in readiness for the time when they were to depart from this world.
Nowadays, funeral planning is entrusted to the Funeral Director. As members of Golden Charter Pre-payment Plans, client funds are adequately protected by means of custodian agreement & trust funds.
We offer a number of plans to suit the individual or you can have a bespoke plan, tailor made to suit your wishes.

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We have a brochure showing a selection of some of the masonry designs available. Equally we are able to offer a bespoke service and make memorials designs to your specification.

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Flowers are a unique way of sending a final message at the time of bereavement. For many it is the only way they can express their feelings and as such flowers play a vital role in many funerals.
We are able to offer our own exclusive floral brochure along with bespoke tributes e.g. floral flag. Availability of some flowers & seasonal variations apply.

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Often notices are placed in a local newspaper informing others of the death & details of the funeral. There is a fee payable on all notices placed in a local paper.
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